Know Your Mobile is a trademark of Felix Dennis. It’s a Cyber-shot one, more akin to that used on the Ki, and has plenty of shooting features to improve imaging. Sony Ericsson C Info Typical price: The camera isn’t one of Sony Ericsson’s most exceptional shooters, but its Cyber-shot features are better than average for a 3. These are presented in the regular slick user interface, with the music player offering a familiar of categories to browse through.

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Read our Privacy notice Useful links. Similarly speedy, you can download music tracks and video clips over the air to the phone. Indoors shots could be soft too. slny

Higher spec Cyber-shot features missing on the C though include an image stabiliser and the useful BestPics multshot selection option; instead more run-of-the-mill multi-burst and panorama settings are included. Its A-GPS capability is a real plus point that users will find genuinely useful – though you should be wary about the energy-sapping effects of A-GPS usage on battery life.

In addition to the A-GPS mapping features, Sony Ericsson has included its Tracker sports performance monitoring software, which hits the mark for more active users.

This location finding software is a welcome extra to have in a phone; you can find your way around in unfamiliar places, get details of local businesses and, of course, plan car journies It’s all quite easy and straightforward to use. The music performance can be very good through decent quality headphones. Latest Sony Ericsson C Prices. The New Budget Android King.

Sony Ericsson C review.

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It’s slny ideal, as it’s possible to mis-press certain keys if you’re not precise. However, the system isn’t quite as sensitive and responsive as a standalone Sat Nav kit, and the phone has to get updates for maps over the air with, potentially, extra data costs incurred. The navigation D-pad, however, is nicely raised, making it easy to negotiate the menus and scroll speedily.


Like the A-GPS-equipped Wi, the C not only has Google Maps – which allows you to search sojy addresses, businesses and services, get detailed route planning over the air and check out satellite images – there’s also a trial version of Wayfinder Navigator software pre-loaded.

Outdoors types with hefty fingers might be put off by its closely arranged keyboard set-up, but Its really the sort of the phone that’s more urban adventurer than hard-as-nails roughneck.

Sony Ericsson C702 pictures

These are presented in the regular slick user interface, with the music player offering a familiar of categories to browse through. The outer casing has a bit of rubber feel material, and a screw-lockable back panel, but doesn’t have an excessively padded or heavyweight feel – it measures h x 48 w x 16 d mm and weighs a reasonable g.

This is a clever app that can keep track and record routes you’ve run, and work out in detail your speed, distance, and even energy consumption as you pound the streets. Sony Ericsson reckons this phone will get you between hours of talktime.

Sony Ericsson C702

While some sturdier rubberised bodywork and chunky camera cover add a touch more bulk, the design goes easy on the rugged look, appearing less like a JCB Toughphone and more like a regular mid-ranger. The A-GPS Assisted Global Positioning technology built into the C also means you can ‘geotag’ your photos – with information stored in the image file about the precise geographical location of the snap.


Know Your Mobile is a trademark of Felix Dennis. Camera action A camera button on the side starts up the shooter, though naturally the lens cover has to be opened for snapping to begin. Cc702 standard Sony Ericsson NetFront web browser can zip around websites speedily, offering a decent user interface to help you search and browse sites.

The C does have the regular PhotoFix software to automatically tweak shots after capture, and also has some photo editing software inside. Sell Sony Ericsson C The LED flash is strong but not particularly subtle in low light.

Everything You Need To Know. In addition, the usual links to upload pics or video ericssno directly to a Blogger account are present and correct. Sony Ericsson C Info Typical price: Instead, the C follows another Cyber-shot standard, using illuminated icon buttons when the camera is switched on, marking the 3, 5, 9 and buttons as camera function shortcut keys.

The screen is slightly larger than the C’s – it’s a 2. Geared up for an active, outdoorsy kind of user, this 3. The start page is set up neatly for users, with Google search and an address bar on top of the page, plus a slot for RSS web feeds and history to make 7c02 relatively intuitive.