Korg rode the N-series sample set for a long long time. Sadly, it’s full of deep menus which makes this rather confusing. Then if we try to give a bit more reverb or delay by playing well and it is not practical, it is even practically infeasible. It would be more practical to type the numro. Indeed, if one seeks his numro 67 and that one is about 8, we must turn and turn and turn the wheel to reach the 67! Our members also liked: I think the filter is not very pleasant, nor very effective.

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The resonance is almost zero, it would indeed have been preferable not to put any resonance to avoid ridicule. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

I really impresion to have a symphony orchestra at my fingertips and a Roland TD sound with my batteries. Sadly, this is not one of their greats. The organs are not too bad but all look like how to say is the same sensationthe piano is made usable, the bass is as usual in korg large enough, the sheets are I mean, nz5r sound bizarre can be found in any mix.

Log in Become a member. I wonder if it’s impossible to save a sort of combination of parts as a patch for easy recall, so I don’t have to manually put the presets I want on the different ns55r or select them with midi? However, when we do not have editing software, since there is very little front-panel controls, that is to say 9 buttons and a korb wheel, editing, yet once simple in principle, can be quite long and arduous.

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Just the worst, no competition. The first impressions with the synth is that it looks like a fancy aftermarket car audio system.

Korg NS5R | Sound Programming

ns5f These sounds are good on their own but unfortunately don’t mix well together, which is a shame because it has 64 note polyphony and part mulitemaraly. Please check if your email program has truncated it. For those we have lost. There is a really bland digital non-resonating filter that does nothing to the ROM samples. However, the use of sound in solo or “first” is much more difficult.

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krog Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. In the end I rve possder of a set of expander scne to play on, while a half rack. I think the filter is not very pleasant, nor very effective.

Sort by most recent most useful. I’ve seen better in medium korg, given the number of short sounds dpart there in the end just sounds workable, it is me deu. KORG did not provide the above. It started kinda noisy and got worse.

Korg NS5R Synthesis Sound Module Synthesizer Acv | eBay

Not all patches have defined drumkits in them. Can’t imagine what I’m missing. The link you clicked on might have been incomplete.

Small expander64 channel polyphonic Indeed, if one seeks his numro 67 and that one is about 8, we must turn and turn and turn the wheel to reach the 67! Loosing my mind trying to figure out how this is supposed to be organized.


This does not affect the functionality but s’avre more difficult to read what is going on the screen na5r a lamp. Reviving this thread since I just pulled the NS5R out of my closet again While I understand how to change the ns5rr now. In fact, I bought this machine to increase the polyphony of my set, and in order to have a good general-expander, able to produce extra sounds correct.

One of his practice is his cot input dual RCA very handy if you want to connect another keyboard and want to limit the number of cable connected to the mixing desk. I do not even talk the way combination that allows stacking multiple layers of sounds, for except to take the sounds existing in the wave table, it should first edit the sounds one by one, which is already quite long, and then edit the combination as such, that is to say basically choose the sounds to be stacked, and their output level.

That, and GigaSampler, was what finally drove me to put it away.