I have pulled all relative gfx kexts from the system folder and still have the same issue, this card also seems to fall before the support period for the titan binaries. No glitches, no noises and stable in Logic Pro 7. Mouse tearing mostly fixed with mouse locator. Just ordered MB more. GMA 64MB max gfx work wonderfully. Everything is working except from the sound,SATA and the network.

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I don’t know wath distriburion I have, but with a bunch of ram, mi PC flyes. Enable status icon in System Preferences. This seemed to enable the extra channels, even though the levels for the channels were grayed out.

Free Download Secure Download. But in line does not work. Not a good choice if you’re looking to purchase a new card for your system. Intel onboard Sound and onboard network work perfectly.


Everything installed fine, booted fine SATA drives work well. Works fine with http: For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. Remember to select X or it freeze during startup.

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LAN works with forcedeth. Recognized as VESA 3. Onboard sound works fine. Use a prepatched MacOS X. Requires change to the IONetworkingFamily. Runs smooth and I would imagine other GX form factors would work equally as well.

Greetings from Puerto Rico: I still haven’t got the sound working, but I reinstalled Fedora Core 6 Linux, I named each partition i. Everything works right out of the box.

Installed using a pre-patched Integrated network works with Forcedeth driver. I didn’t have anything to install.

HCL 10.4.6

For ATI users, visit http: Nvidia FX MB works better without macvidia driver, the xbench results are better. So far the NIC is working great. Both keyboard and mouse plugged into USB works fine. USB, everything works perfect. Everything works fine except for onboard network drivers. Intel P4 HT 3. QE and CI working natively.

Last Drivers  HP LTO 5 ULTRIUM 3000 DRIVER

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Sound better after change to in Midi Settings. Everything works except the onboard sound.

This video card has been nothing but a nightmare for me – it does not work as claimed.