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The DisplayLink technology ym-740 use quite a bit of resources when playing back video. Right now only available with non-free 3-rd party mmio.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Planning to get 3 more! I can calibrate it with the touch-base software, but that doesn’t change how it interacts with the OS.

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The UM is a cool little display. We reserve us the right to delete given comments for example on attempts to give comments with senseless content, copying of other comments, inserting of foreign content, abusing the system for wndows orders. Playing a Mpeg2 miml was very smooth and looked great on the dual Quad PC.

Last Drivers  DV2-1003AX DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Other than that confusing ordeal, the setup was a snap. Don’t show this again. Want to add to the discussion? We’ve changed, we promise. But then again, you can’t carry a regular size LCD around.

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Updated DisplayLink drivers can be downloaded from DisplayLink. It’s not a monitor for everyone.

Wihdows both events, the DisplayLink driver installed fine. This was a quirk of the PC I have and you may not have the same result. At some point in the distant past, I was able to get u-740 working in Windows 10, but that machine is long wiped and I have just been hitting a brick wall trying to get it working. Compare These Samsung CF It basically works as an annex to your main screen and provides some extra space for toolboxes, chat clients, or even a media player such as iTunes.

The inch UltraSharp UD monitor performs well, but don’t overpay for it. In addition we credit 0. Once plugged in and set up, the UM worked as we expected.

So if you’d like to have iTunes up and playing at the same time as when you’re writing a document or fixing a photo in another program, this is the monitor for you. It can be set as an extension of your main LCD, either to the left, right, above, or below.


The main display can be used for editing and the brushes, palette, layers, etc can be placed on nimo smaller screen and selected by touching the display. Please see link at end of article.

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The UM is flexible when it comes to un-740 its position. Windows doesn’t think it’s a touch screen the touch calibration control panel doesn’t recognize it.

Terracode – Nanovision MiMo UM Review

After a quick call to the vendor, we found out that the software for the UM is compatible with the UM as well. This makes it impossible to calibrate. Continue to next page 01 Colors are not as rich as my primary 28″ winndows secondary 10″ monitors, but was very watchable.

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