How are files erased from the VNPC? LOW is a low-sensitivity level used for close-up recording. The procedure is as follows:. HIGH is a high-sensitivity level used in conference or lecture situations. Able and baker are sub-folders of Folder B. To program the recorder for timer recording, do the following: The recorder does not have to be set to the folder being used — when the alarm time comes, the recorder finds the file.

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Which computer operating systems support the VNPC? The VNPC also has options for setting an alarm or configuring the recorder to automatically record unattended for a pre-set time period.

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VNPC Select the topic that best matches your question: To set an alarm: They are used to skip forward or backward in recordings to pre-selected points.

How are files renamed in Digital Wave Player? LOW is a olymmpus level used for close-up recording. Digital Wave Player allows you to create and rename folders and sub-folders within its storage hierarchy in order to facilitate efficient management of large numbers of audio files. Pressing the [STOP] button stops the playback and resets the recorder to normal playback speed.


Variable Control Voice Actuator VCVA is a function that configures the recorder to record automatically only when sound is detected at a pre-set level and to stop when the sound drops below the threshold level. The table below shows the approximate maximum recording times possible in the VNPC in the different gn4100pc modes:.

Pressing [-] decreases the volume. Renaming a file with more than 17 characters will render the file unplayable. This operation also deletes the start time and end time settings. The length of potential recording time available in the VNPC is governed by the recording quality mode selected. The recorder will be formatted.

The table below shows the approximate maximum recording times possible in the VNPC in the different quality modes: VCVA is enabled in the recorder menu. Digital Wave Player 2. To rename a file, right-click on it, then left-click on Rename File and overwrite the file name.

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In the example below, Folder B has been divided into a series of sub-folders. After downloading and installing Digital Wave Player v.


The files can be saved to a data CD that can be played on olympjs computer using the bundled Digital Wave Player version 2. Select the topic that best matches your question: This is because the 4-bit bit depth used to expand the memory capacity in the recorder cannot be converted into a format with the file properties necessary to create an audio CD.

The function is identified by an icon that looks like a microphone. Microphone sensitivity is set in the recorder menu. Erased files cannot be retrieved.

November 8, Privacy Statement Terms of Use. The microphone and earphone jacks allow the use of audio accessories. How are files erased from the VNPC?

Approximately 47 hours, 20 minutes LP mode: What are the specifications of the VNPC? Sub-folders can be named with up to 20 characters. Charlie is a sub-folder of baker.